Green gift idea


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I found the idea of a long-lasting green gift to bring to the next party very bracing. The call of the Urban Jungle Bloggers to show how to offer a plant to a friend immediatly caught my attention. To my mind came two occasions, I would like to offer plants for. First, I can imagine to bring a plant gift with me to a wedding party. I used two plant pots that I got from the flew market to show that a green gift can symbolize long-lasting love. Next week I wanna go to a house warming party. I have decided to bring a (plant) house with me that stands for the happiness that the new house might bring to the new residents. These are my contributons to this creative green community…. Now go and get green gifts.

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4 Antworten zu “Green gift idea

  1. Great ideas! I love the pompons in the greenhouse and I love your style!

  2. Those colorful pompom balls make the Ikea greenhouse like a real green dollhouse 🙂 And lovely green gifts for the wedding and housewarming parties! Thank you for sharing it with us Urban Jungle Bloggers, Maria!

  3. Das Häuschen mit den Pflanzen und Pompoms ist sehr süß und die beiden Köpfchen Töpfchen auch und zudem alles toll passend!
    Hab ein schönes langes Wochenende,
    liebe Grüße,

  4. Tolle Ideen! Ich finde die Blumentöpfe mit den Gesichtern ja super toll!! Danke fürs Mitmachen!

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